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  1. adjective The definition of prosperous is someone or something exhibiting financial success. An example of someone who would be described as prosperous is a .
  2. Prosperous is a relatively new town in Co. Kildare. It's owes it's origins to Sir. Robert Brooke who, in the late 18th century made an attempt to establish a cotton manufacturers there, however less than 10 years later, due to lack of finances the cotton manufacturing came to a halt.
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  4. The adjective prosperous often describes a person or a person’s future, but it can apply to anything that’s experiencing growth and success. Prosperous derives from the Latin word prosperus, meaning “doing well.” Great pronouns of this happy word include golden, well-heeled, flourishing, and thriving. Start learning this word.
  5. prosperous or affluent? Both prosperous and affluent are used to talk about people and places. Prosperous is used much more than affluent to talk about times and periods. Affluent is often used to contrast rich people or societies with poor ones. Being prosperous is nearly always seen as a good thing: It’s good to see you looking so prosperous.
  6. 23 synonyms of prosperous from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 29 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for prosperous. Prosperous: marked by vigorous growth and well-being especially economically.
  7. prosperous definition: 1. successful, usually by earning a lot of money: 2. successful, usually by earning a lot of. Learn more.
  8. Prosperous farms and farmhouses are all about, the farmhouses standing high on the green, rounded tops of the hills. Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway | Effie Price Gladding It does not appear that the success of Tull upon " Prosperous Farm" was such as to give a large warrant for its name.
  9. Prosperous definition: Prosperous people, places, and economies are rich and successful. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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