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  1. **Tender, glowing electro-acoustic folk music** "The heart of Incidental Music is the acoustic guitar: melodies, chords, drones and percussive sounds sometimes used in a straightforward manner, while at other times abstracted and manipulated to beautiful effect. Upon this foundation the palette of sounds expands quietly to include various small acoustic instruments and vinyl samples. The.
  2. Incidental information on directly observed capital stocks were also available for crude oil and natural gas mining (#) and the water distribution industry. Giga-fren • the collection of significant amounts of incidental information on individuals in the vicinity of targets;.
  3. Introduction. Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) is the second most common aggressive and chemotherapy-refractory liver malignancy. Over the past decade, it has become a significant global concern due to its increasing diagnostic incidence and accompanying mortality rates [].The majority of patients have already reached advanced-stage disease at the time of diagnosis and only a few .
  4. architecture of the design, and minimization of incidental interactions between physical components (Ulrich and Tung, ). Based on the interactions within a product, four categories of modularity have been defined (Ulrich and Tung, ): 1. Component-swapping modularity, e.g. matching of different types CD-ROMs with the same motherboard. 2.
  5. Other borrowable books in the collection can take you even farther around our built world: Boston Architecture, French Architecture, Japanese Architecture, Moorish Architecture in Andalusia, The Art and Architecture of China, The Art and Architecture of Medieval daimurozolozuruzulkirr.xyzinfo you can see, and as in a “real” library or bookstore, writing about architecture at some point transitions into writing.
  6. co-incidental architecture • consulting exists to negotiate the relationships between these things. Navigating our own existence in relation to deliberate interventions and incidental factors is always present in architectural work. How this becomes visually represented to others, be they fabricator or public audience, is how they come to.
  7. An open act of detournement (or diversion), The Architecture of the Incidental felicitously finds aural residues - traces of transience and our growing experience of a drifting, sightless world - and, through an array of aleatory processes, endeavors to deflect them from their function. The work leans heavily on the aged body of The Situationists - specifically that of Guy Debord.
  8. What is information architecture? The structural design of shared information environments. Card Sorting. A technique using actual or virtual cards, whereby users generate an information heiarchy that can form the basis of IA and navigation. Extensional Definition.
  9. Total classroom facilities include any support rooms that serve the classroom activity (e.g., Codes and as defined below). A classroom may contain various types of instructional aids or equipment (e.g., multimedia or telecommunications equipment) as long as they do not tie the room to instruction in a specific subject or discipline.

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