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  1. Daydreamer is a Lilith suit that could be obtained from the Gift in Dream event. Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Awake the Sun, Dream of Flowers and Sheep, Dream Eater, Vision in Dream .
  2. A daydream is a series of pleasant thoughts, usually about things that you would like to happen. He escaped into daydreams of beautiful women. The idea for the story came to him in a daydream. Synonyms: fantasy, dream, imagining, fancy More Synonyms of daydream.
  3. Jun 07,  · Daydreamer Lyrics: White, silicon eyes, watching storms, sitting quiet / Reading books in the heat of city lights / Bored, everyone's bored / When I'm restless, put me under the night life stars.
  4. decals! At Daydreamer Decals, we create decals for home, work, and fun. Whether you want to win best in show or just add a nice bit of flare to your vehicle or home, vinyl graphics They are safe, very effective, and easy to install.
  5. A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes. intr.v. day·dreamed or day·dreamt (-drĕmt′), day·dream·ing, day·dreams To have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake.
  6. a series of pleasant thoughts about something you would prefer to be doing or something you would like to achieve in the future: He never paid attention in class and seemed to be in a permanent daydream. .
  7. Nov 24,  · Dream up something creative. Daydreaming is an excellent way to come up with brand new ideas for stories, music, art and innovative products. Let your mind run wild and see what you can dream up. Don't let anything be off-limits! For example, you could think of a product you like and figure out what would make it better and how you could 81%(16).
  8. Shop the latest Daydreamer graphic tees and clothing. Don't Forget → Free Standard Shipping on All Orders. New Arrivals Shop Shop All Best Sellers Tie Dye .
  9. Golden’s Day Dreamer with the exclusive Power Pillow™ provides the ultimate in position control. Recline back and adjust your head and neck using the exclusive powered head pillow. MaxiComfort combined with the Power Pillow™ offers maximum comfort options. *MSRP listed .

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