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  1. How to pronounce respite. How to say respite. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more.
  2. Respite services, an important component of the home and community-based long-term care service-delivery system, provide informal caregivers with a temporary break from their caregiving responsibilities and associated stresses. Caring for a loved one is a responsibility most take on without hesitation. However, informal caregivers often face.
  3. Respite care provides the opportunity for caregivers to take time away from the pressures of parenting in order to recharge their batteries, allowing them to return to their child or family feeling refreshed and ready to continue the journey with a renewed sense of purpose. Having access to respite services is an essential component of.
  4. respite definition: Respite is defined as a break or a rest. (noun) An example of a respite is a family vacation.
  5. Respite Care is a program that pays for care for a short time when family caregivers need a break, need to run errands, or need to go out of town for a few days. Respite Care can be helpful to Veterans of all ages, and their caregiver. There are two types of respite: Home Respite Care is a service.
  6. A respite caregiver from Visiting Angels can help seniors with tasks inside the home, including preparing meals, folding clothes or simply providing companionship. Respite services can take place in a hospice or medical facility, a senior day care center or in the comfort of the senior’s own home.
  7. Noun Originally, beginning in the late 13th century, a respite was a delay or extension asked for or granted for a specific reason-to give someone time to deliberate on a proposal, for example. Such a respite .
  8. Somebody played something on the piano, and this was, in a way, a respite for John. For them, there were no “weak, piping times of peace,”––no respite from danger. The priest thanked God for the respite He had been pleased to vouchsafe to him. Prince Rupert raised this siege, but the respite .
  9. Respite is an early service from the s in which parents sought funding from the government for payments for specialized child care, called respite provided by the parent organizations themselves.

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